Wednesday, 19 May 2010

In my new home !

Here I am , in my new home ! A little 1961 cute house in France , I don't have the kitchen yet, but the original floor is still there, and I am very happy about it ! Here few pics of this french 60's flooring in the entrance hall and kitchen .


MoonDoggie said...

Ooh ooh oooooooh - more pictures please!
Is this the same 1961 house that you found that green sink (from the previous post)?

Blue home said...

Hi ! Yes, it is the same house, but the green sink did not fit the small bathroom, so I will not be able to use it ! I found a lots of things in this house, 2 sinks 1 bidet, 1 beautiful buffet ( I will take a pick of that ) , and 4 60's chairs ! The previous owner sold us the house and left us some nice things!!!! I will try to take more pics, but at the moment it's a mess!

MoonDoggie said...

Wow you got lucky!